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Artist Statement

An artist friend of mine once asked me why I made art. I replied, because it was a wonderful creative process without rules, but possessed of mystery and the freedom to create. Recently my work is representative of constantly evolving processes, whereby I create a playing field occupied by shapes, colors and lines, each interacting to evolve and become more than just separate elements. There seems to be a language of codes and maps that lead to points unknown. Working with a selective vocabulary, the work takes on a life of its own and I follow.  New forms are added or a shape is subtracted leading to new perceptions. Often art is equally about what is not shown and selectively refining forms that are significant.

The work is symbolic of the familiar processes we experience in our internal dialogs, connecting thoughts in bits and pieces. There are moments when these thoughts seem to make little sense at first, and then a map appears leading to new insights. The work is often about discovering how we think in an abstract framework.

Life would be so boring without mystery. 

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